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For Texas House District 116





Evan Bohl was born in Lake County, Illinois, while his father was stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Station. Of the three children in the
family, Evan was the only one to be born outside of San Antonio. Evanʼs father was a Desert Storm veteran with education and training in electrical engineering and security systems, and his mother was a homemaker with education in teaching young children. From his parents Evan learned the true value of a well-rounded education, and his  interest in politics began at the age of 11, soon after the 9/11 terrorist

attack on our country. Three years later, Evan received his first taste of the business world, pushing a lawn mower up and down the streets of his neighborhood, handing out handmade flyers, and earning his first dollar by the sweat of his brow.

With growing desire to serve his community while he was a student at Taft High School, Evan joined the Air Force JROTC program, served in
Student Council, and volunteered for his motherʼs non-profit animal rescue organization. Evan served as a volunteer coordinator for events held jointly with other animal rescue groups. In 2011 Evan became President of the student organization Project Dem at Northwest Vista
College, where he worked on multiple projects to enhance civic engagement in the community. Evan also became a political advocate for the animal rescue community, addressing San Antonio City Council on matters of animal welfare. The following year Evan became Vice President of the Northwest Vista Chapter of the National Honor
Society of Leadership and Success.

Evanʼs career branched out into private security as he worked with various companies and clients, training new officers, and making security recommendations that cut costs and raise efficiency. In 2013 Evan became the first in his family to enter into civil law enforcement, where he would gather experience and training that complemented
his education in law, history, and cybersecurity.


Since 2016 Evan has managed his own landscaping company. Evan has always been, and continues to be, of the servant-to-the-community


New Leadership - With a sweeping new set of demographics and a generational transition from what was to what is, Representation is needed to match.

Technology - With Technology advancing at an alarming rate and with its alarmingly fast integration and impact on our lives we need representatives who can easily navigate and use the technology.

Presence - Too long have representatives gone off to represent our views and work for us but have little to zero presence with the constituents or the geographical district.

Civic Engagement - Too long has the idea of being involved merely been a talking point for certain people. Building on the years of Civic Engagement and serving my community, I want to be there to inspire and show people how to get inspired and involved.




Evan Bohl for Texas House

6206 Checkrein St.

San Antonio, TX 78240

Tel: 210-305-9627​


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